Star Wars Figures You Must Buy! | Star Wars Finds #1

Star Wars Finds!

merch, merch and more merch!

We all love decking out our bedroom or office (or even our house!) with Star Wars merchandise and memorabilia. I know as a Star Wars fan it can be overwhelming to even look through the Disney Store website or just about every major retailer that carries Star Wars merch. I’m always on the hunt for Star Wars merch and I thought it would be cool if each week I shared some of my finds with you guys. I might expand this even more later in the future but for now, I’ll just be focusing on digging around for those cool (and cute!) items.

“who doesn’t love to showcase their love for star wars?”

I know I sure do. This week’s theme is all about action figures. One of the things that comes to mind for me when talking about movies and pop culture is figures. Almost every franchise or movie out there has figures and they can be used to decorate. Below are some awesome figures you can buy!

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funko pop! figures

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I’m sure you many of guys and gals have heard about Funko Pop by now. They are one of the leading vinyl toy figure companies based in Washington and have licenses to produce every kind of character from pop culture. Star Wars is no exception and with the release of The Last Jedi last December, the company has released new figures for Star Wars. My growing Funko Pop collection can be a testament to my growing addiction. Figures range from around $7-10. Special figures like Kylo Ren sitting in his Tie Silencer cost close to $20. My go-to place to buy them are on Amazon. The design is very cute overall and the serve as cool figures/bobbleheads.

hasbro black series action figures

The Hasbro Black Series Action Figures are quite good for their price. The figures are often similar in likeness to their real counterparts. The joints are a bit tough to bend so if you are planning to play around with these figures, just take that into consideration. I have two of these figures (Kylo and Rey) and mainly just display them. Of course, for those looking for an affordable gift for the Star Wars aficionado(s) in their lives or themselves, this is a very good alternative for those who cannot justify the expensive price tag for the higher quality figures.

The figures usually come with some accessories and are able to stand on their own.


The bigfigs (short for big figures) are some of the best purchases for me. Around 18 inches, these big figures come with a couple of accessories and look great on display. I display my Praetorian Guard one next to my Funko Pop! collection and it just adds more coolness to my desk. They are reasonably priced, around $18-20 each, and for the size, it is a really good deal! You can find some in your local Target stores but if you are looking for specific ones, order through online pick up or the shop disney website.

For those looking for more high quality figures…

If you are a major collector or want to start collecting more high quality figures (read: expensive), I do have a few options for you. These figures are of course more expensive but are also highly detailed and well made. No wonky faces or lightsabers here! Believe me, I have seen my fair share of those in the cheaper figures. You also get quite a few more accessories so if you are into all that, keep reading!


Nendoroids are Japanese figures made by the Goodsmile company. They are more on the anime/manga style figures and usually retail around 5000 yen (~$50) per figure. Some come with accessories and stands. Often sold out so if you want to grab your hands on these, your best bet is to preorder. (website linked is CDJapan)

Image credit: (click the images to go to the website)

hot toys figures

If you are into Marvel, I’m sure you’ve seen the hot toys collectibles. Retailing around $200+, these collectibles are very detailed and come in various sizes. The most popular seems to be the sixth scale figures (11-12 inches). They come with a plethora of accessories (weapons, clothing, animals etc.) for you to pose and display your heart out. The sideshowtoys website has options for you to pay in installments if you cannot fork out the full price all at once. I have considered getting two for myself (mainly Kylo Ren and Rey) but as a college student, I still have other expenses. Maybe in the future :(. I only linked Kylo Ren and Rey in this post but check out their site for all the other characters!

Image credit: SideShowToys (click the images to see prices)

So that’s all for this week’s finds! If you enjoyed this type of post, please let me know in a comment below. You can also leave your requests for the types of merch you are looking for and I’ll be sure to scout them out for a future post.





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