Star Smores – The Beginning!


This is so exciting for me to write and I cannot believe I’m finally putting my words into action. You can call me Serena and this is Star Smores, a website for Star Wars lovers. As a new Star Wars fan, I am so excited to start this website. In my personal life, no one is really into Star Wars and the online Star Wars fan community is nothing but amazing. I wanted to create a place where fans of Star Wars can discuss and talk about the Star Wars movies and universe. You might have a few questions about the site so this is the introductory blog post for that!

Why is the site called Star Smores?

I don’t take credit for thinking up of this name. I have to hand it all to Sesame Street and their Star Wars parody. It was so punny and I thought it would be a cute name so here we are!

What will you be posting about? 

Star Smores is a place for me to dive into the SW movies and universe and create discussions around the story. The podcast, similarly titled, allows me to discuss with other fans about the film and predictions. This blog will also serve to update on everything Star Wars.

How often can I expect updates? 

As I am creating and writing for this site on my own free time, I will try my best to do a weekly podcast and at least one weekly post. Please understand that this site and the podcast are done out of my free time. I will, however, try to be consistent.

If you have any further questions, please direct them to my email and I will try to respond as quickly as I can. That’s it for the first post! See you soon!

You can find my contacts as well as social media links in the header up top or by clicking on the About and Contact pages.

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