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The first ever Star Smores podcast episode is live and it’s all about how I got into Star Wars. In this introductory podcast, I go into how I became a Star Wars fan as well as the structure I want to set for future podcasts. Please excuse any mistakes as this is my first time ever producing and hosting a podcast. Today’s podcast is a bit of a short one but I hope the length of future podcasts will be longer. Let me know any suggestions or topics you would like me to delve into or discuss!

Podcast Structure

I introduced some segments/corners in today’s podcast that I think would be fun for listeners to look into.

Song Suggestion

This segment allows me to introduce songs I think are relevant to the podcast topic or Star Wars in general. 

Song of the Week:  Rey’s Theme from The Force Awakens Official Soundtrack 

Star S’New

Star Something New is a segment where I share news updates on the latest Star Wars movies or just anything exciting related to SW (this can include videos, blog posts, memes etc.)! 

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TLJ Jr Novel:

That’s all for this week, folks! Have a great weekend and I’ll see you next Friday!




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